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Our mission is to provide our clients with outstanding service. Browse through the following letters from previous clients to learn more about us.


“You managed to keep the deal active and the buyer motivated so when business returned to ‘normal’ we were able to close the sale.  You have been a wonderful ‘Coach’ through the whole process.  Thank you for staying levelheaded and helping us close the sale.”

Former Owner, Mechanical Engineering Firm

“From working with a buyer from overseas, to handling the delays and complications with having to move my business during due diligence, to the layers of red tape that come with a Private Career college sale, you were a great help.”

Former Owner, Private Career College

“I am very thankful you continued to work with the buyer for more than a year after the first offer.  We had hit an impasse but you never wavered or gave up on your process. You were patient and persistent, as you knew they were really the best fit for both my business and me personally.”

Former Owner, Civil Engineering Firm

We are both appreciative for your help over the years.  From staying in touch annually to referring us to our current Accountant to helping us connect with the Small Business Centre to eventually selling our business, you always delivered on what you promised.”

Former Owners, Large Restaurant

“… I am most appreciative of how you looked out for me in negotiations with the buyer, and dealing with my lawyer. You were critical to helping me get what I wanted and get the deal finalized.”

former Owner, Property Restoration

“…We are thankful for having been referred to you by our Accountant. We are thrilled with the buyer you found us, we believe the will continue to be successful and build our business well into the future, and we are grateful to be able to focus our efforts now on our health”

former Owner, Utility Trailer Retailer

“… While lots of work, this process and eventual sale of my business has been a positive experience. You were careful to bring us qualified quality buyer candidates, managed the deal sensibly, and addressed our concerns effectively as they came up throughout the selling process. You were confident you could deliver and you did!”

former Owner, Vending & Catering

“… You were detailed in your analysis of our businesses from the beginning, you were able to market and attract both Canadian and US buyers and were careful to advise us of the various pitfalls along the way.”

former Owner, Trucking

“… I liked how helpful you were with answering questions on the process of selling my business. You moved very quickly throughout the process, particularly once we found a good buyer. I’m thrilled that in just 4 weeks you were able to help me close the sale.”

former Owner, Medical Practice

“… After having experienced the frustration of trying to sell on our own, through our Accountants office, we are thankful to have decided to work with you. We liked how you pragmatically approached the evaluation of our business, brought us a number of good buyers, and patiently stayed the course until we found the ideal fit.”

former Owner, Machine Shop

“… I am happy that i was able to work with you and your office, thankful that you were able to navigate the various speed bumps along the way and thrilled with the sale price and terms. You really did a great job in negotiations; I couldn’t have done this without you.”

former Owner, Expedited Freight

“… You may recall our initial introduction and I was particularly impressed when you stated that every business has a potential buyer in spite of present circumstances. I have attended other “how to sell your business” events on both sides of the border, and got the distinct feeling that ultimately someone gets taken advantage of. Your approach was straight forward, no nonsense, win/win, and certainly produced the desired result for me and my family. I appreciate dealing locally with the level of personal regard.”

former Owner, Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing

“… Thank you for the confidential pricing analysis and letter of opinion you provided our company. You made the information clear and credible which allowed us to come to fair terms regarding the purchase of shares from our partner.”

Owner, Trucking Company

“… I know our goals were slightly different than your typical client, but you were able to achieve exactly what we were looking for from your network of buyers and investors. You came recommended from our Accountant, whom we respect very much, and you certainly met our expectations”

Owner, Sports & Entertainment Recreation

“… I’m especially appreciative of the way you handled the handful of issues and amendments to our deal as they came up. You really have a skill at overcoming the various obstacles Buyers and Sellers can run into and I’m thankful for the way you helped me successfully close the sale.”

former Owner, Medical Spa

“… We are happy after speaking to a variety of prospective buyers with many different backgrounds we were able to find a good fit for our business, our former employees, and the families we service. Thank you for your regular communication and the work you put into helping us get to the finish line.”

former Owner, Supplemental Learning Franchise

“… the confidential marketing, buyer interviews and negotiations went really smoothly and I was glad to have sold to the eventual buyer. I believe she will be a great fit for my business, Thank you for your help each step of the way.

former Owner, Embroidery and Screen Printing Company

“… admittedly I was skeptical when we began on how you would be able to confidentially market our business to a pool of buyers North American wide, but you did! With a variety of qualified Buyers you were able to assist us in striking a fair deal with a quality Buyer.”

former Owner, Metal Fabricating Company


“You were great at keeping us updated through the delays and flattening the ‘speed bumps’ along the way.  I feel as though you really made the process easier than expected… thanks again.”

Owner, Engineer

“Thank you for communicating regularly with us, keeping us up to speed with all the changes and work the Vendor was doing, and making us feel a part of whole process.”    

Owner, International Private Career College

“You were very effective in your communication of the sellers wishes.  I’m happy you were persistent with us and kept plugging away despite the fact that we appeared too far apart. You really made the process more comfortable”

Owner, Engineer

“Who would have thought being from Barrie Ontario, we would end up buying in Windsor.  In fact I was actually looking for a different themed restaurant when you and I connected.  I’m thankful you were able to effectively tune into the type and quality of business we were looking for. “ 

Owner, Restaurant

“….Thank you for your work with the sellers, With all the work necessary in due diligence and financing multiple deals you did a great job getting information and questions answered for us effectively and expeditiously.”

Owner, Utility Trailer Retailer

“…. You helped walk us through the buying process; accommodated our group and advisors due diligence and information requests; and most importantly helped us put together the financing necessary to close this deal.”

Owner, Trucking

“…. After having first met you over a year ago, I’m thankful you stayed in touch regularly or we may not have ever seen this business. It wasn’t always easy, but you stayed patient and persistent, thank you for your effort to help this close.

Owner, Vending & Catering

“…. As you know this was my first business purchase and I must say you were very helpful. You took the time to explain how the process would work and answered the various questions I had along the way. You did a great job communicating each step of the way.”

Owner, Medical Practice

“…. Truthfully, we must admit, we were skeptical of a Broker’s involvement in the acquisition, but now we are not sure if we would have closed this deal without you.”

Owner, Expedited Freight

“…. You were detailed and efficient with the necessary information to move quickly on this strategic fit for us. Your work with your client made the meetings, information flow and acquisition process seamless”

Owner, Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing

“…. your communication and patience throughout the process from my business analysis, to constructing my offers, to due diligence and through the closing stages you really went a long way to help me feel comfortable and informed.

Owner, Medical Spa Company

“… during this process you made it feel like we were two blocks away, despite being two time zones away. Plus, your help with connecting local advisors is very much appreciated; it made for a comfortable transaction”

Owner, Supplemental Learning Franchise

“… your step-by-step approach to business reviews, interviews with the seller, negotiations and most importantly the letter of intention made the acquisition smooth. Thank you for working with us each step of the way.”

Owner, Embroidery and Screen Printing Company

“… your creative marketing approach was instrumental in connecting me with an opportunity in Canada, one in which I would not have pursued if not for your efforts.”

President, Metal Fabrication Company

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